Who We Are

First Priority is a campus evangelism strategy for the local church. Our goal is to unite the Christian community across America to reach middle and high school campuses for Christ.

First Priority is a local Church campus ministry strategy. It is not a para-church organization. The ministry cannot operate the way it is designed without local churches at the forefront.

First Priority is unique from other campus ministries in the emphasis it places on networking the church to support the ministry.


The Hope of Christ In Every Student


To Unite the Body of Christ with a Plan of Action To Influence The Schools with the Gospel

What We Do

First Priority of America’s main objectives are the Expansion, Development and Services of First Priority networks. We meet these objective by:

  • Identifying, qualifying and training First Priority Coordinators to plant First Priority networks.

  • Connecting local churches and the community to the school campus through student led clubs.

  • Providing first rate services, support, resources and training for First Priority networks.

  • Developing network infrastructure by establishing and maintaining standards for health and growth.

Why We Do It

Cultural Crisis:

We are in a Battle for the Hearts and Minds of a Generation with a Culture in America that is Killing Our Children. The young people in America are in a cultural crisis, not of their own making, that is destroying them both physically and spiritually. This same crisis is leading to the physical and spiritual collapse in our homes and eventually our nation.

Our Solution:

First Priority utilizes both positive peer pressure and influence combined with a proactive approach by the local Church to reach and impact the youth in a community.

In order to change America and restore hope for this and future generations, there must be a plan to accomplish such a great task. First Priority of America provides a plan and gives direction that will enable our cities and communities to have a united effort across our nation.

  • 95% attend school.

  • Romans 10:13-16 – Many students haven’t rejected the gospel, they haven’t heard it.

  • Unite the body of Christ. Churches outnumber schools 4 to 1.

  • Network and MOBILIZE youth leaders.

  • Train and equip student leaders.



HOPE is a focused outreach plan that enables local churches to help students create an environment to share the gospel with friends at school. As this strategy takes form, Christian students will initiate and lead a Christian club at their school. These student-led clubs operate under the guidelines of the Equal Access Act. This effort is focused on outreach, with a plan to incorporate students who are reached at school into local churches, including your local church.

Each club should reflect the personality and giftedness of the students who lead club meetings and the youth worker who guides them.