It shows that we are student led! But HOW?

By highlighting student leaders of the FP clubs. This is tricky due to privacy laws and marketing etiquette. The best student leader highlight I have seen in recent past was by Tim Bargo in the Tri-County, KY chapter. He took a picture of only the student leader outside the school and told her story. This got around the school privacy laws of getting a parent permission form from all the students in the room. It also will keep you on the up and up in marketing practices which state that you can take someone’s picture without asking. However, once you put a product name next to them, you need to make sure they are okay with it. Here is the example.

Screenshot 2018-10-24 10.54.57

It shows that we are a multi-denominational movement!

By highlighting the churches and church leaders that are involved in your area. The best church network highlight that I’ve seen recently is from Sean Hall in St. Louis Metro East. As the school year started, Sean posted a hero post for each of his campus coaches, telling their story. This highlights the multi-church movement that FP is and gives props to the student pastors in the area. Not only do they feel appreciated, but it tells the FP story as well.

Screenshot 2018-10-24 10.56.38

Another Student Leader Example:

South Florida got a quick pick of 3 student leaders outside the club room recently. Chris lane did several things in designing this shot. He told the story of the local club. He also showed the world that everyone is welcome at a First Priority club. This eliminates the need for dozens of parent permission forms while being in the school and telling the FP story. Change up the poster for different clubs to tell different stories about FP.

Screenshot 2018-10-24 10.57.08

Where is First Priority located?

Larry Franks did a great job answering this question recently by sharing one of his campus coaches Facebook posts. This one does not include other social media platforms, but does give you the opportunity to post as many times each week as you have clubs. Just ask your coach or a student (if they are allowed) to check in and share some simple data about how the meeting went. You can then share that with your FP Facebook page.

Screenshot 2018-10-24 11.07.47

Keep it consistent!

The FPoA summer intern taught us this one. Quality is just as important as Quantity. When someone comes to your Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, their first response is not, “Man, they post 3 times a day.” It IS, “Man this looks good. I am not saying that the FPoA Instagram account is where it needs to be, but our look, colors, and feel is consistent. It is intentional. We have a long way to go, but when people show up for the first time, they get a quick feel for who we are, what we do, and whether they want to dig into our content or not.

2018-10-24 10.58.17

As the saying goes, “If It was easy, someone else could do it.” But, that is why you are here! Be consistent. Be legal. Tell the FP story well!