18 08, 2017

What Happens When Churches Come Together

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Unity in the local church gets results. Check out the numbers from the Tri-County chapter based in Corbin, KY:

10 08, 2017

SWOT Disunity in your Community with this Idea

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First Priority is a community-wide and community-owned movement. As a First Priority leader, this means you will most likely go from leading followers to leading leaders in your arena. One of the first steps in developing a new First Priority is putting together a team to help get the clubs off the ground. From teachers [...]

1 08, 2017

Unity is Life Forevermore!

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Psalm 133 How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! It is like precious oil poured on the head, running down on the beard, running down on Aaron’s beard, down on the collar of his robe. It is as if the dew of Hermon were falling on Mount Zion. For [...]

18 07, 2017

Advancing the Local Church

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We believe that advancing the Kingdom of God means advancing the local church. It is a core of our beliefs for the First Priority family. A very practical way that we express that core value is through our partnership with SLU (Student Leadership University). They believe the same as we do, that the local church [...]

10 07, 2017

3 Tools for Church Unity

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#1 Recognize the physical When a new leader comes into the First Priority family, one of the first things we have them do is fill out a community diagnostic sheet. This project can be as simple as counting how many churches and schools are in their area. As you get deeper, you begin to learn [...]

6 07, 2017

The Body of Christ

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Today we are going to talk about our core value #7: Church ISM - “The Body of Christ” We believe that advancing the Kingdom of God means advancing the local church. This includes the foundation of praying for, partnering with and promoting local churches to reach the lost and impact their schools. “I also say [...]

29 06, 2017

Fall Conference: Save the Date!

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Save the Date Make plans now to attend the First Priority National Fall Conference October 16th-18th Fall Conference 2017 will be located at the Forrest Hills Resort in Dahlonega, GA October 16th-18th. Forrest Hills Resort is located between the picturesque town of Dahlonega and the beautiful Amicalola Falls.   For more information about Forrest Hills [...]

15 06, 2017

1 Reason why FP values Accountability

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Because it gets FP to where we want to go. By having people around him (I called it a band of brothers in the previous posts this month) and policies and procedures in place, Joel Rowland has set up ministry that will be successful for years to come. Here is a representation from one of [...]

1 06, 2017

With Responsibility Comes Accountability

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Core Value #6: Accountability ISM - “With responsibility comes accountability” Accountability has a clear link to higher performance. We all recognize each person's ability to lead well and to lead poorly on the same day. To protect ourselves and our ministry, we all need accountability. Matthew 25:14-30, Galatians 5:17; 6:1-10 First Priority recognizes Galatians 5:17 [...]

18 05, 2017

2017 Excellence Success Story

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As we continue to talk through our Core Value of Excellence this month, I wanted to share a story of our success of having a high standard of excellence. So first, definitions: What is excellence? the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. What is success? the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. So the [...]