I don’t mean to start with the obvious or to be too simple, but the way we think affects the way that we see the world and ultimately how we act each and every day. So, we begin here.

  • We hear people say that culture is ‘so bad’, and we agree with that sentiment. But let’s look at it as an opportunity. The pendulum of our culture always swings from spiritual depravity to spiritual awaking. If you have studied revivals in the past, we are due to see one happen. What an opportunity we have to be a catalyst of this next revival!
  • There are more students who identify themselves as Christians than identify with any other group in the school building on any given day. At least we think so. There is not a poll that has been taken on this. Especially since there are so many privacy laws in place around minors and around the school system today. But, we feel that many still would check that box should they get the multiple choice. Maybe 25% of the students would feel this way? Unless you are a part of a small rural school with 100 students total and the band has 26 of those students in it. Then there would be more band members. That said, in a small rural school, there is a greater chance of there being upwards of 80% of the students who call themselves Christian with some 71% of U.S. adults considering themselves Christian in 2019.

Either way, we are convinced that one of the largest groups on school campuses are Christian students. The problem is they are not organized. The school system helps organize the football team. They buy equipment, hire coaches and give the players a place to practice and play. The same is true with the band and other sanctioned organizations on campus. What if we organized the Christian students? Would that not be a game changer? Would that not change student ministry in your community? Would that be worth asking God to use you to help organize and unite the body of Christ in the middle and high schools of your community?

Why say all this? Cause there are more Christians for your students to partner with at school than just those that go to your student ministry. Think about the implications of a united Christian student-led movement at school.

Which naturally leads to thinking about the bigger picture in your community.  What would happen if the student ministry leaders in your community knew each other, trusted each other, and worked together at school for the common ground of building the Kingdom of Christ.
January 17th, 2019|Church Leaders, Community Leaders, Local FP Communities|

About the Author:

Brad serves as our Director of Ministry. He spends most of his day working with the new FP coordinators, alongside Mark Roberts. Brad’s goal is to help local communities take the appropriate steps to create a spiritual movement around their middle and high schools. He has been in student ministry since 1997, served as a First Priority campus coach starting in 2001, and joined staff with FPOA in 2008. He helped get FP of the Great Plains (SD/IA) off the ground before moving his family to Nashville, TN to be strategic in his work with First Priority. Brad, with his wife Erika and four children attend Church of the City in Spring Hill. Brad is available and would be honored to speak at your church, camp, conference or event. You can get in touch with him through email at brad@fpofamerica.com

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