Justin Theriot is a dad of three, husband to one great lady, and friend to a bunch of us! Justin TheriotTo our benefit, he is also our FPGN Rutherford County Director in the FP Greater Nashville chapter. He has been mostly volunteer up until the turn of the calendar year. Today, Justin is serving part-time, overseeing the 11+ schools with First Priority clubs in Rutherford County and it continues to grow. He has a potential to see 23 schools have a First Priority club in his county. He is passionate about the Hope of Christ in every student and is working tirelessly to get there! We are grateful that he has joined the team in the First Priority Nashville movement!

The turn of the calendar year has seen the intensity of the First Priority movement in Birmingham increase under the leadership of Greg Davis as President.bham leader meeting Greg brought his staff down to Fort Lauderdale at the end of 2018 to see how FP South Florida staffs and structures their growing 234 club chapter. Below you see old and new leadership in the Birmingham chapter getting fed physically and spiritually by Greg.

These are exciting times to be a part of the First Priority family! If it is time to get a club going in your community, start today! If the school down the street is calling, let’s get together and help unite the local churches to see students reach students in all the schools of your community.